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Mark Antony’s speech: A masterpiece of oratory

The English poet and playwright William Shakespeare is recognized in much of the world as the greatest of all dramatists. h7x4xl “Julius Caesar” (1599) is one of his major tragedies. It is the tragic story of political rivalries in ancient Rome. Fearing Julius Caesar will become a popular tyrant, Brutus and Cassius plot to assassinate him. On the day agreed for the
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In the city of Vienna there once reigned a duke of such a mild and gentle temper, that he suffered his subjects to neglect the laws with impunity; and there was in particular one law, the existence of which was almost forgotten, the duke never having put it in force during his whole reign. This was a law dooming any man to the punishment of death, who should live with a woman tha
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Mendeleyev, Dimity Ivanovich (1834-1907), Russian chemist

r3h22hx Mendeleyev, Dimity Ivanovich (1834-1907), Russian chemist, best known for his development of the periodic table of the properties of the chemical elements. This table displays a periodicity (regular pattern) in the elements' properties when they are arranged according to atomic weight. Mendeleyev was born in Tobolsk, Siberia. He studied chemistry at the University of St Peters
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c1n12nf (1907-1986) Mircea Eliade was an erudite in the comparative history of religions, novelist, essayist, philosopher. He was born in 1907, March 8, in Bucharest and had died in 1986, April 22, in Chicago - US. Mircea Eliade was a personality of mondial renown. His father was Gh. Eliade an infantry capitain. Being a precocious child, he had made his debut at 13 years old, at
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My Company

l8f18fy First I would like to think a little about what and why more and more people become so interested in marketing? Some say that marketing is the identification and profitable satisfaction of customers’ need’s. It is true in a way, but still, why should we adopt a marketing orientation? Simply, because it makes firms more profitable. My recepy for success is actually
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Natural Disasters

Definition: x7b7bn A natural disaster is an event of nature that takes human lives or destroys property. Types of natural disaster: - Weather conditions: Blizzard, Cyclone, Hurricane, Tornado. - Floods and their prevention. - Earthquakes. - Fires and fire prevention. - Volcanic eruption. - Outbreaks of disease: Plague, Epidemiology. Earthquakes An earthquake i
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Our journey to a strange planet

The best way to introduce these notes from our journey is to report Great Leader Cottaft’s speech to us. On the day before we left Earth he called us all together and said: y1i18im “Tomorrow, the Globe will go out. Tomorrow, the science and skill of Earth will win a victory over nature. There were other races on Earth before ours, but they could not control nat
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Pasteur, Louis (1822-1895)

Pasteur, Louis (1822-1895), French chemist and biologist, who founded the science of microbiology, proved the germ theory of disease, invented the process of pasteurization, and developed vaccines for several diseases, including rabies. r6b22bg Pasteur was born in Dôle on December 7, 1822, the son of a tanner, and grew up in the small town of Arbois. In 1847, he earned a doctorate a
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Paulo Coelho

'Paulo Coelho is not only one of the most widely read, but also one of the most influential authors writing today.' g1v16vj The jury of the 2001 'BAMBI Awards', on presenting him with Germany's most prestigious prize. Paulo Coelho, seen by some as an alchemist of words and, by others, as a mass culture phenomenon, is the most influential author of the present century. Rea
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People and traditions

Artistic and cultural activity in Britain ranges from the highest professional standards to a wide variety of amateur involvement. London is one of the leading world centers for drama, music, opera and dance. Other cities are serve as centers of artistic excellence in their regions. Some 650 professional arts festivals take place each year. The Edinburgh International Festival is the lar
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