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Legacies of a Troubled but Inspiring Heritage Legends like that of Count Dracula or the real history of Romania are testimonies of such an exciting past. Such a heritage is to be found in the high-roofed wooden churches of Transylvania. Admire the 16th century artistic treasures of the Bucovina monasteries, or listen spellbound to George Enescu's "Romanian Rhapsody" w
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A friend in need is afriend indeed

The proverb “A friend in need is a friend indeed” is one of the most known proverbs, and it teaches you that a real friend is a person who is there for you when you need him, it helps you when you have a problem, it keeps your secrets, shares things with you, bares you with all your qualities and defects. Of course, you have to treat all your friends the way you w
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Abraham Lincoln

When we read the history of the United States of America , we remember above all two great names : George Washington and Abraham Lincoln . c4d4dk George Washington , the general who commanded the North American Army in the War of Independence against Britain , became the first President of the United States . He and those who fought with him did much for their country : they
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In today’s world advertising is an important part of our economy. Advertisers are hired by companies, to come up with ads that will sell their product. Advertisers and marketers say that the world of advertising is very important, because it helps run the capitalist society that we have in this country. They say that by advertising, it keeps the economy running. However, advertiser
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African American History

h9r17rs I INTRODUCTION African American History or Black American History, a history of black people in the United States from their arrival in the Americas in the 15th century until the present day. In 1996, 33.9 million Americans, about one out of every eight people in the United States, were black. Although blacks from the West Indies and other areas have migrated to the United St
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Alexander Graham Bell Scottish Inventor

b5q17qk 1847 -1922 Alexander Graham Bell was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Bell is best known for his invention of the telephone. Many inventors had been working on the idea of sending human speech by wire, but Bell was the first to succeed. The invention of the telephone grew out of improvements Bell had made to the telegraph. He had developed the "ha
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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was born in Stockholm on October 21, 1833. His father Immanuel Nobel was an engineer and inventor who built bridges and buildings in Stockholm. In connection with his construction work Immanuel Nobel also experimented with different techniques of blasting rock. Alfred's mother, Andrietta Ahlsell came from a wealthy family. Due to misfortunes in the construction work cau
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Alfred Nobel

y1x23xs Alfred Nobel was a Swedish chemist and a very skillful entrepreneur and business man, born in Stockholm on October 21, 1833. His father was Immanuel Nobel, an engineer and inventor who built bridges and buildings in Stockholm. After a bankruptcy, Immanuel left his family in Stockholm in 1837 to start up a new business in St. Petersburg, Russia. Immanuel's business was to manufa
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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

y1g10go Lewis Carroll Some of the most lastingly delightful children’s books in English are “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass”. Here are what Albert Baugh write about them in “A Literary History of England”: “Written by an eccentric Oxford don to amuse his little girlfriends, these two wor
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r1b4bl I INTRODUCTION American Football is a game played on a rectangular field by two opposing teams with an inflated leather ball that is roughly oval in shape. The object of the game is to score points by carrying the ball across the opponent’s goal line or by kicking the ball through the opponent’s goal posts. Football is considered a full-contact sport, meaning that p
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