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EL Nino

What is EL Nino? Simply put by Billy Kessler, an Oceanographer for the Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory at NOAA-Seatle in his FAQ about El Nino: Suppose a relatively brief opposing wind occurs over the west Pacific warm pool. It may last for as little as one month. This starts and estward current that pushes the warm pool a little bit east of it's usual position. If the
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Global Warming

What's Known for Certain? s5t19to Scientists know for certain that human activities are changing the composition of Earth's atmosphere. Increasing levels of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide (CO2 ), in the atmosphere since pre-industrial times have been well documented. There is no doubt this atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases is largely the result of h
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A British Revival - The Legend of Arthur

j7m5mj Many Britons fled to escape the invaders. They went westwards, into the hills of what are now Cornwall and Devon, Wales, the Lake District and southwest Scotland. Some even crossed the seas, to Ireland or to Brittany in France. It must have been heart breaking for them to leave their homes and crops, but even this was better than death or slavery. However in some areas the
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A good time, but polluted

It was summer. And it was a hot day of July. I was at home and I was looking on the window when I said: ”I want to do something! I was alone because my parents and my brother were at some friends. I didn’t want to go because I considered that was a boring visit. But I realized that to stay home, alone, was more boring than everything. So I picked up the phone an
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A winter day

It was my thirteenth year on a cold winter's day, as I walked through the enchanted forest, I could see the tall silent trees holding large amounts of snow in their long branches. The ground was white as the snow had enslave it too. The whole landscape seemed a deserted one…the trees, the snow, the sun appeared to me as if they were only decorative objects in a silent p
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Albert Einstein

Born: 03/14/1879 Birthplace: Germany Status: Deceased Sign: Pisces Biography In Ulm, Germany on March 14, 1879, one of the greatest physicists was born, Albert Einstein. While still an infant, Einstein's parents moved from Ulm to Munich. During their time in Germany, Hermann and Pauline Einstein ran a business that manufactured electrical parts. This business fail
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Aldo Rossi

h8u2uo The late Aldo Rossi has achieved distinction as a theorist, an author, an artist, a teacher and as a architect, in his native Italy as well as internationally. Vincent Scully, in an introductory essay to a book on Rossi published by Rizzoli, compares him to LeCorbusier as a painter-architect. Ada Louise Huxtable, architectural critic and Pritzker juror has described Rossi as &qu
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All Dressed in White

Once you have decided when you would like to get married, the first step is to book the date of the service with the priest, minister, registrar or other authority. When the date is confirmed you can start to make serious arrangements. CHURCH OF ENGLAND You can be married in the Church of England or the Church in Wales if neither of you have been marrried before. c4s23se
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Alvaro Siza

e4z19zx 1992 Laureate "Every design," says Siza, "is a rigorous attempt at capturing a concrete moment of a transitory image in all its nuances. The extent to which this transitory quality is captured comes through in the designs which will be more or less clear: the more precise they are, the more vulnerable." While working on a sizable office building design for
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American Football

Football, American, distinct type of football that developed in the United States in the 19th century from soccer (association football) and rugby football. Played by professionals and amateurs (generally male college or high school teams), football is one of the most popular American sports, attracting thousands of participants and millions of spectators annually. The forerunner of Amer
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