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Republic of the Congo

Republic of the Congo, republic in west central Africa, bounded on the north by Cameroon and the Central African Republic, on the east and south by the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC, formerly Zaire), on the southwest by Angola (Cabinda enclave) and the Atlantic Ocean, and on the west by Gabon. Formerly called People’s Republic of the Congo, the republic has an area of 342,0
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Richard II (1367-1400), king of England, grandson of Edward III and son of the Black Prince, was born at Bordeux on Jan. 6, 1367. on the Black’s Prince death in 1377, he became king. Though at first too young to rule, Richard in 1381 showed skill in dealing with Wat Tyler’s Rebellion and from then onward began to assume power. d7n24ne He showed extravagance, a
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Risk management. A science or an art?

Strategies for identifying and measuring risk can help treasury personnel develop a sound diversification policy f1y10yp Before a risk profile can be managed it must be identified. What is considered high risk by one entity may be considered the normal course of business by another entity. Appetite for risk-taking will vary not only between industries but also between mana
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Robinson Crusoe

It is the starting point of the modern novel. With it, the bourgevis comes into literature. It is a novel of adventures . Books about voyages and new discoveries where very popular in the 18th century. u1h9hl A story that appeared in a magazine was about Alexander Selkirk a Scotch sailor who had quarreled with his capitain and insested on going ashore. He lived on a deser
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Romania, republic in southeastern Europe, bounded on the north by Ukraine, on the east by Moldova, on the southeast by the Black Sea, on the south by Bulgaria, on the southwest by Serbia (a constituent republic of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), and on the west by Hungary. Bucharest is its capital and largest city. b8e10eo Although rich in culture and natural resources, Romania has
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Russia or Russian Federation

Russia or Russian Federation (Russian Rossiyskaya Federatsiya), independent republic in Eastern Europe and northern Asia, the world’s largest country by area. Russia was once the largest and the most prominent republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR, or Soviet Union). In 1991 the USSR broke apart and Russia became an independent country. u8u3uk The USSR had a tot
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Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff

Sergei Vassilievitch Rachmaninoff u6c11cu was born on April 2, 1873 at Oneg, Novgorod, Russia. He died in Beverly Hills, California, March 28, 1943. Rachmaninoff's Legacy All during his life, and for many decades after his passing, Sergei Rachmaninoff was regarded as an anomaly, a throwback to the 19th century, as his music always expressed itself through an unabashedly Romantic lan
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Silence: A Hidden Business Tool

z2r13rt In today's frantic world, silence is not often perceived as a communication of business tool. Yet, the strategic use of silence - ranging from five-second pauses in a conversation to extended periods of quiet - can result in tremendous benefits to those who practice it. Here are twenty ways you may be able to use silence for your and others' benefit. Ponder the list, pick a f
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Sistem digestiv

Despite its diminutive name, the small intestine is actually the longest part of the digestive tract, stretching some 22 feet in length. The large intestine, however, is just 5 feet long. j3b2bm When full, the stomach holds between a quart and a quart and a half of food and liquids. And it takes about four hours for the stomach to fully digest a meal and pass it along to the s
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South America

South America, the fourth largest of the earth's seven continents (after Asia, Africa, and North America), occupying about 17,819,100 sq km (about 6,880,000 sq mi), or about 12 percent of the earth's land surface. It lies astride the equator and tropic of Capricorn and is joined by the Isthmus of Panama, on the north, to Central and North America. The continent extends about 7400 km (abo
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