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GENERALITATI 1. Concordanta timpurilor se aplica numai in fraze si consta in faptul ca timpul verbului din propozitia principala cere un anumit timp al verbului din propozitia secundara v1o10oo 2. In engleza exista 3 tipuri de subordonate la care se aplica concordanta timpurilor: A. Subordonate directe B. Subordonate conditionale C. Subordonate temporale A. SUBORDONATA
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Cook, James (1728-1779)

Cook, James (1728-1779), British explorer and navigator, famous for his three great voyages of exploration in the South Pacific Ocean and the North American coastal waters. q5r8rh Cook, popularly called Captain Cook, was born in Marton, England, the son of a farm laborer. After spending his early years as an apprentice with a firm of shipowners, he enlisted in the British navy in 1755
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Cristofor Columb

Columbus, Christopher (Italian Cristoforo Colombo, Spanish Cristóbal Colón) (1451-1506), Italian-Spanish navigator who sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a route to Asia but achieved fame by making landfall, instead, in the Caribbean Sea. Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy. His father was a weaver, and it is believed that Christopher entered this trade as a y
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MINISTERUL EDUCATIEI NATIONALE p9n24nm CONSILIUL NATIONAL PENTRU CURRICULUM CURRICULUM SCOLAR pentru LIMBA ENGLEZA CLASA A X-A Aprobat cu Ordinul Ministrului nr. 5086 din 15.12.2006 NOTA DE PREZENTARE Curriculum-ul de limba engleza pentru clasa a X-a a fost elaborat in cadrul unei paradigme a disciplinei pe parcursul ciclurilor de aprofundare si specializare,
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The Lakota, also called Sioux, are a Native American people whose members live mainly in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States. 1 Young Woman from Central Africa Most peoples of sub-Saharan Africa have dark skin and tightly curled hair. Many scientists believe these physical characteristics evolved as forms of protection from the intense solar radiation of tro
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Dry cell

g1t11tc Dry cell (plural dry cells) noun part of a battery: a current-generating electric cell that cannot be regenerated and contains an electrolyte in the form of a paste or within a porous material to keep it from spilling. The most common form of primary cell is the Leclanché cell, invented by the French chemist Georges Leclanché in the 1860s. It is popularly called
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Education in the United States of America

Role of Education The United States has one of the most extensive and diverse educational systems in the world. Educational institutions exist at all learning levels, from nursery schools for the very young to higher education for older youths and adults of all ages. Education in the United States is notable for the many goals it aspires to accomplish—promoting democracy,
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« An ars poetica? “ Dickinson’s poems are made of rich silence.” (Thackerey). Discuss with reference to three poems. Dickinson is indisputably the greatest woman poet, perhaps the greatest woman writer in the history of American literature, a fact that has stimulated a great deal of feminist interest in her work. Gender critics have sought to expl
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Endangered Species

American Peregrine Falcon In 1988, at a site now inundated by Greers Ferry Lake, peregrine falcons reared their young. Over a century passed before fledgling peregrines returned to Arkansas. s6c5cp In June 1993, an environmental team flew to Minnesota and picked up five fledgling falcons. These birds were given a new home at the Arkansas Power & Light Company power station on
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f3r21ro England (in Latin, Anglia), country and constituent part of the island of Great Britain, comprising, with the principality of Wales, the principal division of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. England occupies all of the island east of Wales and south of Scotland, another country and division of the United Kingdom. United as an independent monarchy in th
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