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Josef Stalin and the URSS

Under the leadership of Josef Stalin, U.R.S.S. has become fast an industrialized state, and having won the Second World War, a super power. In the same time, though, Stalin’s tyranny has brought the ruin of the Russian society. v7d10dh Even before the death of the Soviet ruler Lenin, the leaders of the Communist Party have begun the fight for succession. Controlling the party meant
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Knocking Down Red Herrings

Knocking Down Red Herrings b2y8yl Never Mind the WMDs, Just Look at History By BRIAN CLOUGHLEY In his Christmas message to British occupation troops in Iraq, Tony Blair, Britain's leader of the governing Labour Party assured them that there was "massive evidence of a huge system of clandestine laboratories" in Iraq. Blair again made a fool of himself, and it is interesting to e
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Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide N2O)

b9q19qz This is a medical anaesthetic with some psychedelic effects. This is most easily found in small green pressurized gas chargers used to whip cream and available in many large stores. They fit in soda syphons in exactly the same way as the usual CO2 chargers they resemble. This should never be breathed directly (it could freeze the lungs) but always from a balloon and also dilute
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Le Corbusier - Charles Edouard Jeanneret

Charles Edouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier, b. La Chaux-de-fonds, Switzerland, Oct. 6, 1887, d. 1965, was a Swiss-French architect who played a decisive role in the development of modern architecture. He first studied (1908-10) in Paris with August Perret, and then worked (1910) for several months in the Berlin studio of industrial designer Peter Behrens, where he met the future Ba
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Infinitive Past Tense Past Participle Prezent Participle Traducere to arise arose arisen arising a se ridica/urca/sui/ivi/rasari/isca to awake awoke awaked awaking a se trezi/destepta/scula to backbite backbit backbitten backbiting a defaima/ponegri/birfi/calomnia to be was/were been being a fi/a se afla/gasi to bear bore born bearing a purta/duce/transporta/cara/rodi to beat beat be
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Magic Mushrooms

x6k2ke WARNING: mushrooms should NEVER be ingested unless positively identified to be non-poisonous by a mycologist. Often the only differences between highly toxic mushrooms and edible mushrooms are extremely subtle and require a great deal of training to distinguish. Also, several hallucinogenic varieties have been shown to be toxic to humans in medium to large doses. OH O | / P
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Mic dictionar englez roman

ENGLISH - ROMANIAN i1h8hz GLOSSARY A accountable (for / to) adj - raspunzator pentru / de. act vi. - a actiona acquire vt - a dobandi, a capata; a-si insusi. adaptability (to)n - adaptabilitate, putere de adaptare (la). Adjutant General’s Corps - biroul personal (S1 / G1 / J1) dintr-un stat major advance / towards) - a inainta (spre); 2. n. inaintare, avans, progresie. I for
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h7e17eu EARLY LIFE (1475-1504) The life of the great artist began on the 6th of March, 1475. He was burn in Casentino, Caprese. His parents were Lodovico di Leonardo Simioni and Francesca di Neri di Miniato del Sera. Michelangelo’s first teacher was Francesco da Urbino. He had to teach young Michelangelo grammar, but Michelangelo was not very fond of it. He often
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Wuthering Heights, which has long been one of the most popular and highly regarded novels in English literature, seemed to hold little promise when it was published in 1847, selling very poorly and receiving only a few mixed reviews. Victorian readers found the book shocking and inappropriate in its depiction of passionate, ungoverned love and cruelty (despite the fact
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Este de doua feluri: k4k5km - cardinal (1) - ordinal (2) 1. Numeralul cardinal Arata numarul, cantitatea Numeralul zero 1) zero = pentru calcul matematic si pentru exprimarea temperaturii Ex: It’s ten degrees above zero. 2) love = zero pentru exprimarea scorului la tenis (15-0 = fifteen-love) 3) nil = (nothing) = zero pentru exprimarea scorului la fotbal 4) naught =
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