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Harry Potter

h1q15qs Harry Potter is the name of the famous book for children, written by J.K. Rowling. It’s about a teenager magician, whose parents were killed by an evil sorcerer, called Valdemort. Until the age of eleven, he lived with his muggle relatives, aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and their fat boy, Dudley, who were completely against any sort of abnormality. Now, after being recovere
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Halloween is an annual celebration, but just what is it actually a celebration of? And how did this peculiar custom originate? Is it, as some claim, a kind of demon worship? Or is it just a harmless vestige of some ancient pagan ritual? m7m16mo The word itself, "Halloween," actually has its origins in the Catholic Church. It comes from a contracted corruption of All Hall
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Who were the English?

The Anglo-Saxons, or English, came from the continent of Europe and began settling in Britain about 200 years before the time of the Sutton Hoo burial. Until about AD400, Britain had been part of the great Roman Empire, which covered most of the known world. i2c7cy In the fifth century, a great movement of peoples known as barbarians invaded the western half of this great
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The term ‘homosexuality’ was coined in the late 19th century by a German psychologist, Karoly Maria Benkert. Although the term is new, discussions about sexuality in general, and same-sex attraction in particular, have occasioned philosophical discussion. Perhaps the most significant recent social change involving homosexuality is the emergence of the gay liberation m
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I INTRODUCTION Horse, large land mammal notable for its speed, strength, and endurance. Horses are members of the Equidae family, which also includes zebras and asses. Like all equids, the horse is extremely well adapted to traveling long distances with great efficiency and to surviving on a diet of nutrient-poor, high-fiber grasses. The horse is an intensely social animal, forming stron
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Hypnosis -- Why is Hypnosis Effective

About Hypnosis -- Why is Hypnosis Effective? What your mind can conceive your body can achieve. o9y10yp What is Hypnosis? / How Does Hypnosis Work? / Why is Hypnosis Effective? Does Hypnosis Really Work? Yes. Hypnosis is one of the fastest, most effective methods of change and improvement. In a single session, people have stopped smoking, improved golf games, learned to deal with stress
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j1z19zx THE AUTHOR AND HIS TIMES It would be nice if we could say that William Shakespeare wrote King Lear when he himself was at an advanced age. We could picture him becoming concerned with retirement and the disposal of his property and goods. But the theory collapses when you realize that Shakespeare was only 41 years old when the first performance of King Lear was recorde
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Kingship: a family business

William controlled to large areas: Normandy, which he had been given by his father, and England which he had won in war. When William died in 1087 he left the Duchy of Normandy to his elder son, Robert. He gave England to his second son, William, known as Rufus. When Robert went to fight the Muslims in the Holy Land, he left William Rufus in charge of Normandy. After all, the
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With the spread of literacy, cultural life in Britain naturally developed also in the cities, plays were performed at important religious festivals. They were called “mystery plays” because of the mysterious nature of events in the Bible, and they were a popular form of culture. In the larger cities some guilds made themselves responsible for particular plays, w
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Bogdan Bello o6y7yp Mrs. Maley English 5, period 3 November 18, 2003 Bogdan bello 2311 E Union Hills #101 Phoenix, AZ, 85024 602-493-1242 November 18, 2003 100 Universal Plaza Bungalow 477 Universal City, CA, 91608 818-733-7000 Dear Mr. Spielberg, My name is Bogdan Ciutac, and I am a professional screen writer. I wrote many screen adaptations: “The Ambush&#
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