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GENIUS s2m4mu
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Genius, in Roman mythology, a protecting, or guardian, spirit. It was believed that every individual, family, and city had its own genius. The genius rec eived special worship as a household god because it was thought to bestow success and intellectual powers on its devotees. For this reason, the word came to designate a person with unusual intellectual powers. The genius of a woman was sometimes referred to as a juno. In art, the genius of a person was frequently depicted as a winged youth; the genius of a place, as a serpent.

So a genius is a very smart person who born at few centuries . I can get examples from all the world : Albert Einstein in Physics , Thomas Edison -; a genius of inventions , Michelangelo in Arts , Mihai Eminescu in Romanian Lyrics , Iulia Hasdeu , George Enesco , … ( and the list goes on …) .

Further on , I studied their carrer and I have informations about them :

1 . Thomas Edison
American Thomas Alva Edison patented more than 1000 inventions in his lifetime, including the elec tric lightbulb -;a well known symbol for a bright idea , the phonograph, and a transmitter that made Alexander Bell’s telephone a usable instrument on a wide scale.

Thomas Alva Edison did not invent the modern world. He was, however, present at its creation. Having come of age just after the mid-19th century—1997 marked the 150th anniversary of his birth—he became a significant figure in the organization and growth of American national markets, communications and power systems, and entertainment industries.

2 . Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein is considered one of the greatest and most popular scientists of all time. Three papers he published in 1905 were pivotal in the development of physics and, to a large degree, Western thought. These papers discussed the quantum nature of light, provided a description of molecular motion -cosmology, and introduced the special theory of relativity. Einstein was famous for continually reexamining traditional scientific assumptions and coming to straightforward, elegant conclusions no one else had reached. He is less famous for his social involvement, although he was a staunch supporter of both pacifism and Zionism. Einstein discusses with his friends about peace and try commends nonviolence.

3 . Michelangelo
Michelangelo (1475-1564), Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet whose artistic accomplishments exerted a tremendous influence on his contemporaries and on subsequent European art.
Michelangelo Buonarroti was born in the small village of Caprese and grew up in Florence.

His architecture has a human aspect to it, in which a door, window, or support may refer to the face or body, or the position of architectural elements may suggest muscular tension.

Michelangelo continually sought challenge, whether physical, artistic, or intellectual. He favored media that required hard physical labor—marble carving and fresco painting. In painting figures, he chose poses that were especially difficult to draw. And he gave his works several layers of meaning, by including multiple references to mythology, religion, and other subjects. His success in conquering the difficulties he set for himself is remarkable, but he left many of his works unfinished, as if he were defeated by his own ambition.

His important works : most memorable early works is a Pieta (1497-1500, St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City ) , Last Judgment (1536-1541, Sistine Chapel, Vatican City) , David (1501-1504, Galleria dell’Accademia, Florence) .

Michelangelo was a very religious man, but he expressed his personal beliefs most clearly in his late works. His late drawings are introspective meditations on Christian themes such as the crucifixion, and in some works he inserted his own image as an onlooker in a religious scene.

4 . Mihai Eminescu
Romanian literature has a rich and varied history.
A major figure of the country was the poet Mihai Eminescu, whose work was influenced by German Romanticism, but all the people loved him and still love him . But you don’t have how to dislike Eminescu , because his operas are
wonderfulls love stories … with words well -; sets and expressions unheard of beautifulls .
We , the pupils , even study this personality and we enjoy read his poems :
“ Luceafarul “ ( daystar , big and bright star , Lucifer ) , “ Fiind baiet paduri cutreieram “ ( adventure ) , “ Codrule , codrutule … “ ( forest , wood , hill ) and many others …

5 . George Enescu -; a musical genius
A number of Romanian musicians achieved international recognition in the 20th century. Most notable among them were Georges Enesco, a violinist and composer who is perhaps best known for his Romanian rhapsodies, and pianist Dinu Lipatti.

6 . Iulia Hasdeu
She was the Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu witer ‘ s daughter who lived in Sinaia. From young , she was very smart : at age of 3 years old , she lear n few foreign language and then how to read and write ( helped by meditetor at home ) then she studied differents arts …And that’s why all people loved her …

It ‘ s an important thing this : she liked very much the flowers of death -; “ callas”, even her room was decorated with her favourite flowers ..
She had some premonitions about her death -; that’s the she will die young … She had a wish : when she ‘ ll die , her grave shall be full of callas …
So that way was : she died at 18 -; 20 years old …
After this terrible eveniment , her father was very upset and he constructed a special room of spiritualism where he had impression that could communicate with is dead daughter .

The genius … it ‘ s doesn ‘ t matter if the genius is a male or female ; the important thing is if that remarcable person makes -; invents useful things , says some peaceful thoughts , writes dicta and motto-s or just for his / her existence is nice -; pure soul.
I think that a genius is just a good person with plus abilities and always hopper…


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