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What life will be like in the next 100 years
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A famous national historian once said that “To know your future you must first know your past” so I think that it would be appropriate to start with the last 100 years. s2g17gf
Since the early 19 hundreds human life has suffered many changes. Back then you didn’t have all of today’s modern day appliances such as a TV, a computer, a fast car etc. and I think that you didn’t have today’s comfort. Transportation has improved a lot since the beginning of the century. We are now able to travel to almost everywhere in a mater of hours. Communications too have improved since you can now e-mail a person on the other side of the globe within seconds, then you had to wait a period depending on the region you where in. Also I think that life was much harder for the poor people because they had to work very hard to support their family. Gradually it became easier for poor people to make money, you just needed a good idea and you could become one of the world’s wealthiest men.
To get to the point at hand I think that in this century people will become more tolerant and racism will decrease, I don’t think that it will disappear entirely but it will be very low. Black people have now more rights and they aren’t considered as animals, or simply just as work hand. Human rights will become more specific and hopefully they will be good enough to help everyone regardless of sex and race and because the last century was considered the women’s emancipation century, it’s men’s turn.
Transportation will become easier and faster. Transportation doesn’t have to be physical but mental; you can nowadays see pictures or videos of a certain place I think that this will reach a higher level called virtual reality. The name says it all it is a reality but it is virtual it is just like everyday reality but it is, like I said before, not a physical reality but mental one, it’s not something you can touch it’s something beyond that. Besides this method of transport we will have a teleportation device which will allow us to travel very fast and physically not only mentally. The teleport principal is that you are broke apart into tiny particles which can travel faster then the whole mass. Besides the teleport technology, which is limited to a certain area, you will be able to travel to other planets and maybe to other galaxies.
From the communication point of view we will be able to talk to every person on the globe thanks to implants like small cellular phones only these won’t damage or hurt you in any way, it will just let you call anyone you desire, and receive a unlimited amount of pictures and movies maybe even share memories with people. This device will be like a substitute to telepathy. But I don’t think it will be cheap so that not a lot of people will afford it.
I think that the hard labor will be done by robots and humans will only have to control some of them but hopefully they won’t become smart enough to claim this world as their own and try to conquer it from us, humans. I think that they won’t do only the hard work but most of the work. I hope that we won’t become obsolete because of our inactivity.
Since medicine has evolved so much these past few years it would be easy to assume that it will keep evolving until we won’t have any more diseases and we will be able to genetically modify ourselves or our children to become better in everyway. This way we won’t have any more genetically transmitted diseases and we will lead a healthier life for many more years than nowadays.
This is a very optimistic vision of the future in which there won’t be any more wars and dispute. Maybe some day will reach that state until then we can only try to go on with our lives.



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