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Holiday USA
Vizite: ? Nota: ? Ce reprezinta? Intrebari si raspunsuri
DATE: December
GRADE: 4th
SUBJECT: English
THEME: “Holiday USA”

AIM: - providing the students with written and oral practice;
- enabling them with the skill of using new words and respecting the pronunciation according to the rules of the English language.

O1 To complete the sentences with the missing words (the Future Tense of the verbs);
O2 To solve the crossword puzzle;
O3 To answer the teacher’s questions, using an adequate language;
O4 To read the new lesson correctly;
O5 To ask and answer questions about the content of the lesson;
O6 To play the game “The reporter”;
O7 To play a quiz game.

METHODS AND PROCEDURES: conversation, explanation, translation, exercise, game, individual work, pair work
RESOURCES: pictures, test papers, crossword puzzle, tape recorder.
STUDENT: Pascal Morena, 13th Grade.

Seizing the pupils attention
(warm-up) The pupils prepare themselves for the lesson. The teacher creates the best atmosphere for a good assimilation by asking a few questions about how they feel.
The teacher writes the date on the blackboard.
The children talk about the weather. - conversation “How are you today?”
“Are you ready for the lesson?”

“What day is today?”
“What can you say about the weather?”
Stirring up the pupils’ interest The teacher stirs up the children’s interest by presenting them a picture: Santa Clause.
It is December (the month of the presents) and Santa has a lot of surprises for them. - conversation “What month of the year is this?”
“Why do children love Christmas?”
“In this lesson Santa Clause has a lot of surprises for you.”
Testing children’s knowledge about Future Tense O1 Santa shows his first present: he gives the children test papers.
The teacher explains them the way they have to work. (exercises with the Future Tense)
The children solve their tasks by appealing to their previous knowledge about the Future Tense. - conversation “Aren’t you curious to se what Santa’s surprises are?
Let’s discover them now!”
- - individual work (grammar exercise)
- conversation: they read the exercises, the teacher presents the right answers.
The aim of the lesson O2 The teacher shows the students another surprise from Santa: a crossword puzzle they have to solve.
The teacher presents the title and the aim of the lesson, and then she writes the title on the blackboard.
The children write the title of the lesson in their notebooks. - explanation “A new word has formed on the A-B vertical: HOLIDAY”
“Today we will read some interesting things about a special place where we can spend our holiday: the United States of America”
The content of the lesson O3


The teacher does a survey by asking the students some questions.
The teacher asks the children to listen to the song and look at the photos.
Then the students read the entire text and then try to translate it into Romanian. “What do you know about the United States of America?”

- reading
- translation
- conversation: “What places would you like to visit?”

The content of the lesson



The teacher shows the students another surprise from Santa: pictures with different places from the USA. First, the map of the United States, then the Grand Canyon, Washington DC (with the White House and the Capitol), New York (With World Trade Center), Disneyland.

The teacher plays the tape, then she asks the students to read the information leaflet (ex. no. 2 / page 45)
She writes the new words on the blackboard and helps the puppies to pronounce correctly.
The teacher asks some questions about the text, then she asks the students to choose from the pictures on the blackboard only the ones mentioned in the text.

The teacher invites two children in front to the class; they will play two roles: one will be the reporter and the other will be the tourist. The reporter will ask questions on the basis of the pictures. - explanation: “The United States is one of the largest countries in the world and is made up of fifty different states: Alaska, Tennessee, etc”
- conversation: “What is the Capitol of the United States?”
“Why is it called Washington DC?”
“Which is the biggest city in the USA?” …
- conversation: “What can you see in these pictures?”
- listening
- reading
- translation

- conversation: “Which place in the picture appears in the text?”

- pair work
- conversation:
REPORTER: “Where would you like to spend your holiday?”
TOURIST: “In Washington DC”
REPORTER: “What do you want to visit?”
TOURIST: “…the White House and the Capitol.”
Evaluation O7 The teacher shows the students a quiz game; if they give the right answer a bulb will light. - conversation
Ending of the lesson The teacher gives the homework (ex. A / page 31). She appreciates the activity of all the students in the class and gives them candies as a reward. - conversation: “I hope you had a great time today.”

1. On the 25th of December we celebrate …………………………………………………
2. In winter it’s not raining, it’s …………………………………………………………..
3. It is white and we drink it.
4. You can write with it.
5. We sleep in it.
6. After Friday comes …………………………………………………………………….
7. Bananas’ colour is ……………………………………………………………………...


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