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Once upon a time there was a king by the name of Red. .This king was very upset because some monsters stole the Sun and the Moon, his kingdom remaining in darkness .he promised his daughter and half of his kingdom to the one that will release the two Stars. Although many tried, none of them succeeded. So a brave and mighty warrior named Greuceanu asks permission to try and get the Sun and the Moon back. t7h23hh
After receiving permission, Greuceanu begins the journey, taking along his brother. They go a” long, long way together” and arrive at the Blacksmith of the Earth, which was a very good friend of Greuceanu.
For three days Greuceanu and the Blacksmith of the Earth locked themselves in a room deciding what to do. After the three days, Greuceanu and his brother go along until they arrive at a crossroad, where they split up. Before splitting up they give one each other a scarf and a knife, saying “The one that returns first and sees the knife rusted and the scarf broken shouldn’t wait for the other one to come, because he’s dead.”
Greuceanu arrives at the house of the monsters. After jumping three times over his head, he turns first into a pigeon, then into a fly, finding out from the monster-ladies where the monsters are.
After finding out that, he leaves for the Green Forest. Greuceanu fights the three monsters and he defeats them with the aid of a raven. He also finds out from the last monster where the Sun and the Moon are hidden, he opens the door with the smallest finger on the hand of the monster and releases the Stars.
Along with his brother, Greuceanu returns to the lands of king Red. On their way home, the monster-ladies try to kill them by turning one into a tree with poisons fruits and the other one into a chilly and flowery garden. Greuceanu knowing their scams kills them. After that they are followed by the mother of the monster-ladies, turned into a fiery cloud. Running as fast as possible, Greuceanu and his brother arrive at the house of the blacksmith of the earth. There they trick the monster-lady into swallowing the fiery body of Greuceanu, turning after that into a mountain of iron.

The Blacksmith of the Earth and his helps make Greuceanu an iron carriage with three iron horses .After getting into the carriage with his brother, they leave for the kingdom of king Red. At a crossroad the two of them break up, Greuceanu brother leaving to tell king Red about the arrival of Greuceanu.
A limping devil gets out the carriage’s nit and sends Greuceanu to get it. Meanwhile the devil steals our hero’s sword and changes into a big rock.
A dastardly advisor of the king, that sold his soul to the devil, tells King Red that he is the releaser of the Sun and the Moon and he should get the reward
In the same time Greuceanu arrives at the castle and finds out about the liar advisor, so he tells the king to wait a little while, till he finds out the truth. Greuceanu turns into an iron hammer, breaks the big rock, gets his sword back and returns happily to the kingdom.
Greuceanu shows the king that his advisor is a liar’s the king sends him away and Greuceanu marries the Princess.


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