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Charles Dickens was born on February 7th , 1812.He was the son of John Dickens , a clerk in the Naval Pay Office , and Elizabeth Dickens. All Dickens family , with the exception of Charles , was imprisoned for debt in 1824. The child was put to work at Warren Blacking Factory . After his family had been released from prison , his father rescued Charles from that factory , and put him at a school in London till 1827. His shortly experience at the Blacking Factory haunted him all his life , but this because a source with the themes of alienation and betrayal which would emerge in “David Copperfield” and “Great Expectations”. y8p16po
He wrote three important novels : “Great Expectations” , “David Copperfield” and “Oliver Twist” . In all these he expresses his own point of view related to the corruption of the society he lives in. On the other hand , they are related to his life and the problems he had to face with. There is no doubt that his own experience of life inspired him to wrote about these things and to present the drama of the three boys.
By these stories , Dickens is trying to catch readers attention on the corruption in the guvernamental system , and also to the society . but it alse seems that the writer is fighting his own destiny by imagining stories which sooner or later end in the same way.

Most enduringly popular stories is Oliver Twist, an early work published 1837-1838. Like many of his later novels, its central theme is the hardship faced by the dispossessed and those of the outside of polite society
In Oiver Twist,the author presents the life of a boy called Oliver who has to face some bad events in his life.He has to deal with many problems and he suffers a lot because of the society he lives in.So,Charles Dickens presents here the bad way the young and helpless people are treated.
Oliver himself is born in a workhouse and treated cruelly there as was the norm at the time for pauper children, in particular by Bumble, a parish council official or beadle. The story follows Oliver as he escapes the workhouse and runs away to London. Here he receives an education in villainy from the criminal gang of Fagin that includes the brutal thief Bill Sikes, the famous Artful Dodger and Nancy, Bill’s whore.
Oliver is rescued by the intervention of a benefactor - Mr Brownlow - but the mysterious Monks gets the gang to kidnap the boy again. Nancy intervenes but is murdered viciously by Sikes after she has showed some redeeming qualities and has discovered Monk’s sinister intention. The story closes happily and with justice for Bumble and the cruel Monks who has hidden the truth of Oliver’s parentage out of malice. Accusations were made that the book glamorised crime (like the Newgate Group of the period) but Dickens wisely disassociated himself from criminal romances. His achievement was in fact in presenting the underworld and problems of poverty to the well-off in a way rarely attempted previously.


In his early childhood days, a young boy, David Coppefield , had been living with his mother and their servant Peggotty. His mother marries a very cruel man, Mr. Murdstone and David is being sent away to Salem House where it is not very safe at all.It was a run-down London boarding school where Mr. Creakle beats up young boys. In David Copperfield we can find a connection between the way David in treated by the Murdstones and the felling of neglect that Dickens felt from his parents. In the novel Dickens' painful memories of being taken from school to work at Warrenr’s Blacking Factory while his father is in prison for debt are told through David's account of Murdstone and Grinby's warehouse. The financial troubles of the Micawbers, with whom David was boarding at the time, mirror Dickens' parents, John and Elizabeth Dickens, financial difficulties.
David ’s mother soon gives birth to a son by Mr. Murdstone. Unfortunately she dies after a while.

David was dragged out of school and was forced to work at a wine warehouse with Mr. Murdstone. David runs from work and lives with his great-aunt, Miss Betsey Trotwood, where he lives a happier life. She soon adopts him and sends him off to Dr. Strong’s school in Canterbury.
When the boy was done with his education at Dr. Strong’s school, he goes to work at the law firm He meets his significant other, Dora Spenlow and falls in love with her. After that, they were engaged to each other. They had their very first child but Dora becomes ill and dies after giving birth, along with the child. It was a sad life for David but he tries to move on. He had traveled abroad for several years and realizes he truly loves this other woman, Agnes Wickfield. David becomes a famous writer and marries Agnes. They live happily ever after along with their friends.

One of Dickens’ shorter novels and also one of his most influential is Great Expectations. It appeared initially in serial form in All The Year Round between 1860 and 1861 and is now considered to be one of his finest novels.
It concerns the young boy Philip Pirrip (known as ‘Pip’) and his development through life after an early meeting with the escaped convict Abel Magwitch, who he treats kindly despite his fear.
His unpleasant sister and her humorous and friendly blacksmith husband, Joe, bring him up.
Crucial to his development as an individual is his introduction to Miss Havisham (one of Dickens’ most brilliant portraits), a now aging woman who has given up on life after being jilted at the altar. Cruelly, Havisham has brought up her daughter Estella to revenge her own pain and so as Pip falls in love with her she is made to torture him in romance.
Aspiring to be a gentleman despite his humble beginnings, Pip seems to achieve the impossible by receiving a fund of wealth from an unknown source and being sent to London with the lawyer Jaggers. He is employed but eventually loses everything and Estella marries another.
His benefactor turns out to have been Magwitch and his future existence is based upon outgrowing the great expectations and returning to Joe and honest laout.
Eventually he is reunited with Estella.
There have been a number of film adaptations of the novel, the most recent of which featured Anne Bancroft as Miss Havisham. Doubtless, this was something of an in-joke meant for those who know Bancroft best as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate which is very much inspired by this Dickens novel and benefits from the comparison.


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